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23rd Dec, '13      TOTP  #1169 RADIO HEART
                             WW7  Jap White label Promos.... ARE FRIENDS ELECTRIC / CARS
                             SHE'S GOT CLAWS / COMPLEX / LOVE NEEDS NO DISGUISE
                             I DIE YOU DIE / THIS WRECKAGE
                             WWLP Telekon HOLLAND 1st and 2nd pressings
                             UK12 Call Out The Dogs WLTP Press release
                             UK12 Machine And Soul WLTP Press release


16th Nov, '13        UKLP  The Plan picture disc
                              WW12  Remember I was Vapour GERMAN misspressed label
                              WW7    We Take Mystery HOLLAND misspress with no label
                              WW7    She's Got Claws IRELAND misspress with no Silver ink

27th July, '13       UK 7    Undertones misspress b - side label
                              WW7    My Dying Machine ITALY  Picture Disc + insert
                              UK12   This Is Love  Misspress with label B missing
                              UK12   This Is Love   Picture disc
                              UKLP   Replicas Lurker misspress 26/6/79 price sticker
                              UKLP   I,Assassin  Promo sleeve detail

15th June. '13     WW7     Are Friends Electric USA  Picture disc insert + Atco letter
                              WWLP  Dance GERMAN  Press release

24th March. '13   WWLP  Dance IRELAND
                              UK7      Misspress White Boys & Heroes - another pic !

6th June. '12    WWLP Telekon GERMANY re - issue
                           UK7     Misspress That's Too Bad - solid instead of pop-out center
                           WWLP Replicas HOLLAND - 2nd pressing Black logo/text + variation
                           UK7     Misspress Cars - plays an ERROL DUNKLEY track.
                           UK12   The Live EP '84 - Silver text on Black background/Red logo.
                           UK12   Cars 'E' Reg Model - Silver/Blue/Red type of label.

20th May. '12    LP   Rock Over London Radio Show #137 feat. Cars
                           LP   BBC Transcription disc Top of The Pops #1283 feat. I'm  On Automatic
                           LP   BBC Rock Hour #333/334 Anniversary Special (Version B) feat. Cars    
                           LP   US TOP 40 Countdown July 1980 feat. Cars (4 disc set).
                           UKLP DANCE LOWDOWN SERIES re issue - Silver label.
                           UKLP Warriors LOWDOWN SERIES re issue -  Blue/Silver/Red label.
                           WWLP Replicas PORTUGAL - Atlantic label. 
                           WWLP Rreplicas USA multi coloured logo re issue.

15th Dec. '11     UK12 The Fall - Remixes Test Pressing
                           UKLP Dead Son Rising - Test Pressing

13th Dec. '11     WWLP Telekon GERMANY - Test Pressing
                           WWLP Telekon U.S.A - Test Pressing
                           USA Armed Forces Radio Show - Telekon

10th Dec. '11      UKLP The Pleasure Principle - 1986 re issue with 'Warriors' type label.
                            WWLP Replicas AUSTRALIA - re issue Virgin label.
                            WW7  We Are Glass - ZIMBABWE.
                            BBC Transcription.Rock Hour #334 Aug '82 featuring Cars.
                            WWLP The Pleasure Principle GERMANY - Atlantic label + Test Pressing
                            UKLP  Replicas / Telekon / Dance free Posters

26th Oct. '11       UKLP Misspress - The Fury picture disc - 'Your Fascination' picture.
                            UKLP Misspress - 2x Metal Rhythm picture discs - 'Grey Marble' &' Cracked'
                            UKLP Misspress - Replicas - 'Lurkers' label on A-side.
                            UK7 Misspress - 'The Undertones' release that plays Are Friends Electric?
                            UK7 Overtrimmed Are Friends Electric 6' picture disc.

18th Oct. '11       WW7 Are Friends Electric HOLLAND - Blue label.
                             WW7 Are Friends Electric HOLLAND - Red label.

17th Oct. '11        UK12' This Is Love/Call Out The Dogs dbl pack - still sealed.
                              UK12' Misspress - Miracles - No Red ink on sleeve.
                              WWLP Replicas USA Test Pressing - Front sleeve added.
                              WWLP I,Assassin USA Test Pressing - Front sleeve added.

9th Oct. '11          UK7' Misspress - I Still Remember - no Silver ink on label
                              UK7' Misspress - Remember I Was Vapour - both 'On Broadway' labels
                              UK7' Misspress - Remember I Was Vapour - I Die You Die labels
                              UK7' Misspress - We Take Mystery - no Silver ink on sleeve
                              UK7' Misspress - We Take Mystery - no Silver ink on label

19th Sept. '11      The Radio Shows / TOTPs and the BBC Transcription page is now ready.
                              Cue Sheets have also been added where appropriate.

15th Sept. '11      A full Index (nearly!) and a search function page can now be used.

15th Sept. '11      In ALL list pages (uk & ww 7' / uk & ww12' / uk & ww albums) you can
                             now click on the CATALOGUE NUMBERS only.

18th July. '11       WW7  Are Friends Electric JAPAN Test Pressing (not the common promo!)
                              WW7  I Die You Die GERMANY Test Pressing.
                              WW7  Your Fascination FINLAND Test Pressing.

11th July. '11       WW7   Berserker GERMANY Test Pressing.
                              WWLP Berserker GERMANY Test Pressing.
                              WW7   Cars USA Test Pressing.
                              WW7   My Dying Machine GERMANY Test Pressing.
                              WW7   I Die You Die FRENCH Test Pressing.
                              WWLP Exhibition ARGENTINA Test pressing.
                              WWLP Exhibition ARGENTINA Radio promo.
                              WWLP Exhibition GREECE Test Pressing.

10th July. '11       WWLP I,Assassin GREECE Test Pressing.
                              WW7   Are Friends Electric? USA 2-sided Test Pressing.

9th July. '11         WWLP Replicas HOLLAND Black & White vinyl.

7th July. '11         WW12 My World Storm USA Test Pressing.
                              WWLP Replicas USA Test Pressing.
                              WW12 White Boys & Heroes USA Test Pressing.

6th July. '11         WWLP I,Assassin USA Test Pressing.

3rd July. '11         WWLP Living Ornaments '79/'80 CANADA standard & promo.
                              WWLP Living Ornaments '79 ISRAEL.
                              WWLP Living Ornaments '80 ISRAEL.
                              WWLP Living Ornaments '79/'80 NEW ZEALAND.
                              WWLP Living Ornaments'79/'80 box set JAPAN White label promo.


A preview with links to some of the contents so far.
White Boys And Heroes 12' USA Test Pressing
I Can't Stop 12' Townhouse Acetate
London Times Uncut Shaped picture disc
Cars 7' USA Test Pressing
The Pleasure Principle UK original mock-up Proof sleeve
Are 'Friends' Electric 7' Zimbabwe
I Die You Die 7' Dutch Purple vinyl
Telekon 'stripeless' Proof sleeve
Original Tubeway Army Proof sleeve
Replicas Dutch Lp Black & White vinyl
Warriors 12' UK Test Pressing
Bombers 7' Pye Acetate
Berserker 7' Uncut Shaped picture disc
Bombers 8' Pressing plates
Replicas UK Lp Test Pressing
Warriors 7' Uncut Shaped picture disc
Down In The Park 7' Strawberry Acetate
We Are Glass 7' UK Green vinyl
I Die You Die 7' Unreleased 'A1 mix' Test pressing
Bombers 7' Music Centre Acetate
Stormtrooper In Drag 12' Test Pressing
I Die You Die 10' Trident Acetate